Treasure Hunters of Santa Clara Valley Evidence Hunt Teams Assist Police Once More.

November 16, 2002

Cold and fog greeted the Santa Clara Valley Treasure Hunters Evidence Teams this Saturday morning, November 16th, 2002. Everyone was ready and willing to assist the Palo Alto and Mountain View police in locating police evidence. Coffee and donuts were served and evidence briefing was done by the Palo Alto and Mountain View Police. The Bay Lands Rangers also advised us as to cautions to be taken while hunting in some of the endangered species of wildlife in the area. Everyone gave their best, but the evidence was not found. At noon after returning to base for a nice luncheon provided by our gracious hosts, we again departed for assigned areas to hunt. Sad to say, the evidence was still not found. Thanks to all that participated in this hunt.

List of Volunteers; Police/Club Liaison Tom Elliott & Rover.

Team (A) Water searchers/ Team Leader Bob Reynolds
Dale Newlin
Adrienne Tidwell
Karen Alger
Mike Walding

Team (B) Dry land searchers/Team Leader Fred Schlichting
Dan Lohberger
Sarah Lohberger
Frank Murphy
Paul Dallin
Terry Kuhn

Team (C) Dry land searchers/ Team Leader Warren Whited
"Porkey" Ray Bushmire
Douglas Manke
Max Casey
Albert Boyer

Team (D) Dry land searchers/ Team Leader Warren VanSant
Rose and Chuck Kriel
Cesar Nunez
Eugene and Doreen Gibbs
Gene and Marlene Thomas

Team (E) Dry land searchers/ Team Leader Elliott Lothrop
Scott Smith.