WORLD CRUISE...7 December 1953...21 May 1954

And Away We Go was the right dope!! The schedule called for us leaving on December 7th 1953 for a westward trek across the globe, returning via Europe sometime in the summer. Most of us kissed our gals and wives goodbye that morning on Transit Shed Landing, realizing that it would be a long, long time 'till we met again. Some of the poor boys even got dear John's didn't they? Then there's the enjoyable side to every situation - imagine visiting all those far off lands. The exotic Orient, the sun drenched Riviera, see bull fights in Spain, maybe elephants in Ceylon, and also - we'll be shell backs when we return. Yes, we were sad but full of anticipation that day when "underway" was sounded from the bridge. After a refreshing but scaring (sharks in area) swim off the Bahamas en route-we began transit of the

Panama Canal on a muggy 13th of December morning
arriving that evening at
Balboa, C.Z.

Christmas in San Diego, New Year's Eve at the Royal Hawaiian or the

Waikiki Tavern before steaming on for Midway. It was the 12th of January before we reached Yokosuka, Japan, a port we were to become very familiar within the coming months.


Yokosuka, Japan could not be called beautiful or clean, but it was surely a very interesting city.

It's narrow streets containing numerous souvenir shops added gaiety to it's already exotic air. Many a sailor found his way back to the ship carrying a pile of gifts he bought for his family or girlfriend in this port. We all remember well the PEACE HOTEL, GRAND CHERRY, CLUB STARR, and the MAYFLOWER. The people there tried hard to make you feel right at home with American music and hospitality. Quite a place!! But so was Nagasaki,
although many of us never got more than a mile from the pier. Again, the hospitality was overwhelming. We saw women really doing a day's work here. Remember them carrying coal off the barge moored astern of us?
We observed ground zero where the atom bomb exploded 1500 feet above,
a Shinto Shrine,
and also Madame Butterfly's home. Nagasaki was a wonderful shopping city also--then Sasebo was a memorable visit for many. It gave us a chance to do some shopping and eat an American meal at one of the service clubs located there. Yes, Japan will be remembered by us for a long time to come. It was gay, reasonably inexpensive and very warm hearted to the American sailor.


It was freezing the first trip and uncomfortably cold the second.

Remember Pusan, Pohang, Sagami-Wan and our nightly anchorage at Sokcho-Ri? Guess we were all glad when those patrols were finished and we were on our way back home to friendly Yokosuka.


We all had ordered our Jimmy Woo custom tailored suits so now it was time to pick them up.

Imagine, here we were in a city of intrigue located right in the Communist border.
Shops were selling silks, cashmere, silver and jade for reasonable prices-and we had just been paid a few days previously. We saw Tiger Balm Gardens,
Kowloon, Victoria and riverboat studden Aberdeen.

Some of us were fortunate enough to go for a swim at Repulse Bay.

Crossing The Equator

The U.S.S. Heermann crossed the Equator on the 31st of May 1954, transforming Pollywogs into Shellbacks.


Some of us had a Singapore sling at the Raffles Hotel or Brittania Club, while others tramped into the jungle of Johore, while still many did nothing at all. Most men conceded that this rubber-rich city had the least to offer of any port visited on the cruise to date. The disappointment possibly lay in the fact that women were scarce and shopping prices were high. Naturally, we all realize that the American sailor is price conscious and extremely fun loving!!


We saw elephants, snakes and a race of slow moving gawky but shrewd people. Everyone was out to get the "American Dollar"!! Children begged while restaurant waiters obstinately stood by your table till you gave them a tip. However, most of us remember Colombo as the "City of Gems", although those who purchased so called valuable stones have been afraid to visit an appraiser. Yes, Colombo was quite an experience.


After getting underway from Ceylon at 1000 June 9th, we battled Monsoon seas continuously until mooring at Aden, Arabia on the 15th. We transited the Red Sea,

passing many tankers en-route, arriving at the Suez Canal at 1600 June 18th. The next morning we were in Port Said, Egypt - The Mediteranean was now in sight.


Beautiful women, not enough liberty and splendid wine were attributes of Italy. Rome, Naples, Sorrento

and Capri all offered the same things but at different prices.


Zut-Alors!! Guess we all used what little French we knew in our vain to soak up as much French culture as possible.

This was surely beauty, extending down the coast from Monaco thru Villa Franche,
and Nice to Cannes. Who'll ever forget those Bikini clad swimmers we saw on the beaches,
or sailing out near the ship. One could hardly walk down the steps of Villa's main artery with out being impressed by the galaxy of Southern European colors and peoples. Mai Oui,
this was the greatest, if only we could have spent a month in that fun-loving village of Villa Franche.


We arrived in Barcelona at 0830 July 1st after a night underway from France. This was a city of numerous sidewalk cafes, good eating places, and captivating women. One couldn't help but enjoy along with the Spaniards their custom of doing everything later, including going to bed. However, the most impressive sight we enjoyed was the artful handling of bulls by the young toreador Jamarco, leaving many of us to wonder how long his career would last in the ring.


Lisbon was a quiet nestling yet large community of contrasting beauty, considered the stepping off point to the U.S.A.

We were nearing the end of a most enjoyable, yet tiring trip and were sure looking forward to getting home. Most of us spent a restful July 7th and 8th, anticipating our near future return to Newport.

From COM 7th FLEET To DESDIV 341 21 May 1954

As your tour with the seventh fleet comes to a close, commander seventh fleet wishes all officers and men a pleasant voyage home and good luck for future assignment. VADM Pride


Newport, Panama, San Diego, Hawaii, Midway, Yokosuka, Okinawa, Sasebo, East Coast of Korea, Sasebo, Okinawa, Yokosuka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo, Aden, Port Said, Naples, Villa Franche, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Newport.

Heermann Entering Monaco harbor 1956

In Storage at South Boston Naval Annex, May 1958. Stockham DD-683 Aft

Boston Naval Shipyard, September 1961. DD-670 Dortch And DD-532 Heermann Preparing For Foreign Transfer

Desron 34